SmartThings Gear S2 App


Company: SmartThings

Date: Feb 2015 – May 2015

People: Nate Becker UX Lead,
1 Visual Design Lead

Type: Wearables

SmartThings has a few apps for wearables: Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. However Samsung asked us to create a version of their app for the newest watch, Gear S2. We actually begin our design before their design guidelines were finished so we had very little to work from initially.

This became an issue as we were defining interactions for the app. Without guidelines from Samsung we were designing in the dark and we were hoping to use as many built in animations, interactions and visual as we could possibly could to simplify development.

Before the Guidelines

Initial Wireframing

Not only did we have the problem of not having the guidelines for the watch GUI we were also in the middle of a redesign of the mobile app. Both issues created problems defining the UX for the app. We went through several iterations before we decided to put it on hold until we have a finalized design from our mobile app.

Updating the wires

Finalized Flows

Our redesigned mobile app was nearly finished and our GUI standards had begun. We were able to go back and revisit our flows of the watch &  Samsung had finished their design & interaction standards as well. Our final wires and flow diagrams were updated and we simplified development by using as many interactions from the guidelines as possible.

The details

Final Visuals

I worked with our visual designer to finalize all of our designs for our developers and get approval from Samsung for our final product. In the end we were very happy with our final product (see below for demo) and it maintained our brand while using all of Samsung’s built in interactions.