SmartThings Marketplace


Company: SmartThings

Date: Oct 2015 – Jan 2016

People: Nate Becker UX Lead, 1 Visual Design Lead

Type: Mobile

SmartThings runs on smartapps for automations and interactions between devices or ‘things.’ Today a user can download smartapps in our marketplace in the mobile app. Not only are smartapps built by SmartThings but our community as well.

Our goal with marketplace was to create a better user experience to explore, educate and even purchase smartapps. We used Smart Home Monitor for the basis for our reimagined marketplace.


Ideation & Brainstorming

The complexity for Marketplace began with the 3 levels of interaction for a user to access a smartapp in our new system. 1) Mobile, 2) Entitlement, and 3) Payment platform. This had to work for both paid and unpaid smartapps.  

Defining the flows

WIreframes & Use Cases

Now that we understood how the app communicated to our cloud we begin our use cases and wireframing. To add the complexity of the project our scope changed to include a ‘Free Trial’ for our smartapps which added another layer to our flow and entitlement for the user within the app. 

The details

Final Design

Finally our final visual design was added and we revealed our final product, flows and all, to our executive team by creating a working prototype (see below.) Just illustrated to everyone how our product worked and even gave the team time to interact with it on their own.