SmartThings Video


Company: SmartThings

Date: April 2015 – Aug 2015

People: Nate Becker UX & Visual Design Lead

Type: Mobile

The SmartThings V2 hub had several new capabilities including video. It can support up to 4 cameras live video feeds plus 30 second local storage for video clip recording. We developed a smartapp, Smart Home Monitor, to work with the cameras for event-based notifications.

Our goal was to create a video UI for SmartThings that had never existed before and works for multiple cameras. Video has several use cases however we wanted to make sure our MVP for video was simple but still gave users features similar to existing video products.

Whiteboarding & Post-It notes

Flow Diagrams

Product, engineering and UX spent several weeks moving Post-it notes on a board and defining flow diagrams. We were currently in the middle of a redesign of the mobile app and video was brand new to the SmartThings world. This created several new use cases, and edge cases, that never existed before. Not to mention requirements were defined on the fly as timelines shifted. 


Video Use Cases

Live streaming, error handling, video clips, views, and more. Roughly 7 versions of the video wires circulated throughout the company getting feedback and final polish. I worked with engineering to begin the product and in tandem we finalized our UX.

The details

Wireframes & Use Cases

I also worked on the visual design for our video views in the mobile app. Our team was much smaller at that point so many of us took on dual roles within our teams. I worked with the Director of Visual design to make sure the video views kept our design standards.